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Manuscript Requirement Checklist

Items to include with your manuscript:

+ Disclose what files you prefer (ebook only, paperback only, combo) and what style (design package)

+ Book Cover (for ARCs and design inspiration; covers are not typically included within the ebook files as you will upload the cover to the venue specifically.)

+ Dedication

+ Acknowledgements

+ About the Author information, including author website links

+ Other Titles list (including Amazon links)

+ Author Photo

+ Author Notes, prologue, epilogue, foreword, afterword, etc.

+ Any design requirements listed specifically (notes, letters, texts, chapter header or chapter break design ideas)

+ Previews or sample chapters, advertisements, or other promotional graphics.

+ Disclose desired trim size (5 x 8, 5.25 x 8, 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9)

+ ISBNs for both ebook (not required) and paperback

+ If you wish to duplicate the cover image within the title page, send along the image from the cover without wording in at least 300 dpi and .125 overlap on all sides to cover trim size and overlap.

+ Listing of all fonts and specific colors used within the book (you may need to send along the OTF or TTF if you wish to have a specific font that I do not own currently).

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